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Tax and VAT

Don’t cheat yourself in tax and VAT!
You should never cheat on your taxes, but you shouldn’t cheat yourself either! We provide proactive and specialist tax advice and planning. This means you can be sure that you’re not paying more taxes than you should be. Tax counselling and planning will ensure that your business and its owners, as well as your employees, are in the optimal tax position.

The Danish tax system can be a jungle of rules, which are difficult to navigate safely.

The tax and VAT area is constantly changing, with new practices and complicated new rules being introduced all the time. This requires special knowledge which we have either in-house or we can procure through our close cooperation with experts in our network, both nationally and internationally. We ensure that you receive fast and effective advice on both Danish and international tax systems.

Business owners
We have extensive experience in providing expert advice about tax for personally owned and operated businesses, ensuring that the tax consequences for the individual and the business are as they should be.

We are specialists in the Danish business tax scheme, and for us it is a matter of course to apply the business tax scheme in preparation of tax returns for personal business owners. This often gives the highest tax savings for our clients, and through the income statement and balance sheet, as well as the statement of income and the statement of assets and liabilities, we ensure that we have the full overview of their financial situation.

Our services include:

  • Advice on choice of business type
  • Optimization of tax situation for owner and business
  • Preparation of financial statements and tax returns
  • Pension savings
  • Generation-to-generation changes
  • Contact with the tax authorities (SKAT)
  • Companies

The tax area can be complicated. It’s an area in which practice is changing all the time, and in which international legislation is an increasingly important factor in decision-making. Therefore, we monitor legislative developments and trends very closely. This enables us to provide advice in the long term at the highest level possible, with strong focus on your company.

Our advisory services ensure full optimization of your personal taxes as well as your company’s taxes, for example though:

  • Choice of optimal company structure and taxation
  • Tax-free restructuring, including mergers, demergers, share swaps, etc.
  • Joint taxation
  • Transfer pricing
  • Acquisitions and sales of companies
  • Tax-credit schemes

VAT and duties
VAT and duties are probably a considerable expense for your business. The rules are becoming ever more complicated and they impose enormous demands on businesses and advisors. This applies to the planning phase as well as the operating phase. We want to help you optimize your specific situation. Our goal is to ensure that your business is not burdened with more VAT or duties than the correctly calculated amounts.

There can be huge differences in the treatment of VAT, duties, etc., depending on whether you’re trading with EU countries or countries outside the EU. We’ll also help with cross-border transactions, and our membership of AGN will always ensure that you have direct access to leading international experts.

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