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Doctors and dentists

We are the preferred cooperation partner and advisor for doctors and dentists, servicing a large number of clients throughout Denmark.

Our advisory services are proactive and we follow you and your business very closely!

You’re never just a number in our system. We work closely with all our clients and we’re proactive in our advisory services for you and your business. We prepare statistics and sector-specific key figures. This enables you to assess the opportunities and issues for your clinic.

We regularly teach GPs at the University of Copenhagen about taxes and accounting and therefore we know the issues they are facing and the best solutions. Combined with our long experience and targeted specialisation, this makes us the preferred advisor for doctors and dentists.

Purchasing a practice
Are you buying your own practice? – Then we’re the right sparring partner!

Through our comprehensive contact with doctors and dentists, we have vast experience in purchases and sales of practices throughout Denmark.

Many doctors and dentists are our clients, and we help them prepare financial statements, we provide financial and tax-related advice, and we advise them on purchases and sales of practices.

Purchasing a practice is a major investment no matter how you look at it, and we are experts in guiding our clients down the right path. We are involved in the entire process, and typically offer our services when you and a possible partner have found one or more practices which you are considering acquiring:

  1. We begin our counselling by reviewing the financial statements and budgets of the practice(s) that you’re interested in. We give you a clear idea as to what is important to consider in relation to the practice(s) that you have in mind.
  2. We review the purchase price and provide active advice on whether this is the right price for the practice concerned. We have extensive contact with the sector, including lawyers and banks that specialise in practice purchases and sales, and we have good insight into the prices of practices in the different areas.
  3. Once you have found the right practice, we’ll help prepare a budget for you and your bank. We’ll assist in budgeting for your practice and for you privately. In order to maintain a smooth relationship with your bank, it is important that documents are submitted in the right format. We know what banks are looking for, and we’ll make sure that these aspects are taken into account in the budget and in your presentation to the bank.
  4. We’ll advise you about choosing the best type of business.
  5. We’ll review draft contracts for any inappropriate wording and figures.
  6. We’ll advise on financing, help obtain offers from banks, and help you select the right offer.
  7. We’ll advise you on the best tax structure and setup, with special focus on optimizing your personal tax situation.

Once you’ve acquired your practice, we’ll be an important sparring partner for the future. We can help you with bookkeeping, payrolls and financial statements. Similarly, we can ensure that your tax situation is always as it should be, and we’ll help you fill in your tax returns, etc.

Contact us to learn more about what we can offer you and your practice.

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