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Audit and accounting

Audit and endorsements
Our audit ensures that your business submits reports in accordance with legislation and contracts. Our endorsements and audit opinions signal to the outside world that your business has a high level of credibility and authenticity.

We apply thoroughly tried and tested work methods and tools; all kept up-to-date to maintain full compliance with new legislation. We adapt these methods and tools to your business, whether you’re a sole trader or a large enterprise. For tasks outside Denmark, we draw on our AGN network.

When you start as a new client with us, we set up a team comprising a partner and a number of skilled employees with in-depth experience and insight into your business and situation. We always assign a primary contact person; someone with both a general perspective and detailed knowledge, who can draw on experts from inside our organisation according to your needs.

We are business and service-oriented, with sharp focus on precisely your business. We strive to recommend structures, financial reporting, etc. to increase the value of your business and to give you the full overview that you need.

We’ll prepare your annual report, interim financial statements, etc., and we have extensive experience in financial analyses and budgeting. Our concern is to give you the best overview of your financial situation so that you have more time.

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