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When you run your own business, it’s vital that you can speak to someone who really understands your business. We specialise in auditing and advice for large and small IT businesses, as well as many different types of assignment for large and small IT businesses. This has given us wide knowledge and experience which will benefit you through sparring and consultancy, and which can help realise the full potential of your business.

We can help you no matter the phase you are in – from the moment you have a good idea, to when you sell your business and after, when we can offer sparring on how to manage your assets. For example, in 2015 we were part of one of Denmark’s largest IT business sales; a company which we have monitored and guided closely since its start-up in 2007, to later globalisation and ultimately to sale of the group in 2015.

We can help prepare budgets and sector key figures so that we can look at what items in your business can be optimized in order to fully exploit the potential of your business.

Millions in tax refunds
Many IT businesses and start-ups have extensive costs for start-up and product development. These can vary from start-up to start-up, but for some, they can amount to several million DKK. However, the tax authorities will refund 22%-24.5% of these costs, as tax legislation makes it possible to have the tax value of research and testing expenditure refunded.

We have extensive knowledge about the legislation and we’ll advise on whether your business can make use of it.

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Whether you are representing a large cooperation, a small company or yourself Ecomentor encompasses your business to free valuable time in your daily life.

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